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Are you small or medium-sized business owners? And, struggling to generate customers for your business? Probably, you’re not the only one! With cut-throat fierce competition, ever-increasing rising cost of acquiring new customers, changing dynamics of the market environment, and the big fishes, small and medium businesses are finding themselves hard to survive. The situation is alarmingly serious, and if no proper actions are taken, many will become extinct. But not those who are expert marketers & advertisers and know how to come out triumphant.

Aims & Objectives

If you have any of these objectives that you would like to achieve, Facebook Paid Ads is the right advertising tool for you


  • Boosting Post
  • Page Promotion
  • Reaching People Near Your Business
  • Improve Brand Recognition & Awareness
  • Increasing Post Reach


  • Generate Leads For Your Business
  • Getting Your Apps Installed
  • Sending Visitors To A Destination On Or Off Facebook
  • Raise Attendance At Your Event
  • Improves Video Views


  • Improve Conversions On Your Website
  • Get People To Claim Your Offer
  • Get People To Visit Your Shop
  • Promote A Product Catalogue

Why Facebook Paid Ads Only

Your potential customers are among the 2.32 billion monthly active users. All you need to do it to tap them with the appropriate message 74% of them use Facebook daily spending about 35 minutes on an average The Average Cost Per Click is $1.72- the lowest among all the paid advertising channels Facebook revenue from Paid Ads increases 30% year on year basis You can express your emotions, sentiments easily to your potential customer

How Can We Help You

  • We’ll create Facebook paid ad strategy to support overall business goals
  • We’ll find out your potential customers and target them with appropriate ad message
  • We’ll create innovative ads/banner/images to engage the potential buyers and entice them to take decisions.
  • We’ll generate leads for your business

Why Choose Only US

  • Have generated leads at the minimum cost, saving you thousands of bucks on every ad
  • Created thousands of highly successful ads generating billions of dollars for our clients
  • A highly creative team of advertisers & graphics designers
  • A deep knowledge of the various industries with an understanding of customers buying behavior

What You All Need To Do

Just, leave your name, phone number, email, country and the most ideal time to speak with you. We’ll get back to and discuss the strategy that will take your business to the next level.